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Orbing 1
Paige Matthews Is the only daughter of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. Paige was fostered from when she was born because her mum was not allowed a baby with a whitelighter. Paige met her sisters in 2001 at Prue's funeral


Paige is the youngest of her three half sisters. Paige loves magic and cant live without it she tries her best to save every innocent.


Orbing: The ability to teleport in a flash of orbs

Telekinetic-orbing: The ability to move objects with orbs

Orb Shield: Paige later learns this ability in my season 9

Season 9Edit

Paige is very kind and caring in this season.


Clothes: Paoge is very bare and hardly wears any clothes she was fake clothes mostly and man made. Like feathers,fur,leather and mostly wears skirts.

Hair: Paige wears multiple colours of hair in season 9 she has ginger hair but at the end of it she is seen with dark hair.