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Phoebe Halliwell The second youngest daughter of Patty Halliwell and Victor Bennett. Phoebe was the youngest of her sisters Prue and Piper until Prue's tragic death in 2001. Phoebe then became the middle sister to Piper and half sister Paige


Phoebe is the more sensitive and most determined out of all four sisters. Phoebe is the more caring out of all four of them. Phoebe loves magic most of all until her half sister Paige come along.


Premonition: Phoebe can see the future and the past by touching something this powe dosent always work on command. So she cant always see what she wants to see.

Levitation: Phoebe uses this power to fight against demons combinding her martial arts.

Empathy: Is the ability to feel peoples emotions in Season 9 Phoebe uses this ability to flood peoples heads with emotions to kill them.

Season 9Edit

Phoebe is very determined to her promises in this season.


Clothes: Phoebe explores all different styles in her clothing choice to bube tubes dresses skirts. Phoebe is the more open in her clothes.

Hair: Phoebe has all different styles from short to long. In season 9 she has the same hair as season 4 she wears it down up.